Sand blasting – the sand blaster

With Sand blasting – also called KCP (Kinetic Cavity Preparation)– sand is used instead of the drill. For this sand is “shot” onto the caries with high air pressure.

Advantages of the sand blasters:
no drilling noise, smaller than the drill and root canal treatment is avoidable.

Some advantages of the sand blaster are:

no drill noise

• as the sand is considerably smaller than the smallest drill, I can get into the small pits and fissure much better than with the drill and can thereforeexactly remove caries

• with exact caries removal it is often possible to avoid root canal treatment

• the tooth cannot be killed by heat which can happen with the use of a drill

Sand blasting

Schematic representation of the sand blasting: in the pit on the surface of the tooth (see fissure sealing) sand is sprayed until there is no caries present. This treatment is pain free!