Child Dentistry

With the microscope

i also use the microscope for children,because milk teeth just like the remaining teeth shouldn’t die off. Milk teeth can be kept in the mouth up to twelve years old! Not treating sick milk teeth can lead to pain!


Sand blaster: The sound of the drill disappears and the pain is less

Milk teeth function as place holders for the remaining teeth. Therefore, from my point of view, is also makes sense to seal milk teeth that are at risk of caries in order to avoid further caries on the chewing surface. Special attention is given to the sand blaster in child dentistry, because with it the drill noises disappear and the pain is lower.

Oral hygiene and correct nutrition should always be carried out as soon as the first tooth has broken through.

Without "fear of the dentist"


I carry out no treatment against the will of the children - children should be able to grow up without "fear of the dentist". In exceptional cases that can mean that I have sessions with children that don’t contain any dental treatment as such, until the child voluntarily allows the treatment.