Are you afraid?

Every patient has their own unique past and it is unfortunately common that many patients are afraid of the dentist for whatever reason.

There is always a way...

Individual patient care

As I take a lot of time for every patient, individual patient care is not the exception but rather the rule; beginning with the initial consultation which takes two hours , over to the relaxation centre, the hypnosis, the possibility of watching the treatment live up to exact patient explainations using photos, sketches and visual aids.

Take away the fear of the dentist

With the aid of these possibilities up to now I have managed to take away the fear of the dentistfrom every patient in completely individual ways.

Children can be distracted

Children are less approachable with the argument "rationality" before the school age. You can’t say to them: "I have to go to the dentist because otherwise I’ll get pain". For this reason you can only try to distract the children from what’s really happening – the dental treatment – using distraction manouvers like stories, video films and X-Box games. In extremely difficult cases it is a question of time until the children have gotten used to the dentist and it could happen that I can’t treat these children in the first treatment session.