Tooth structure – caries – root canal treatment up to extraction

I think it’s extremely important not only explain about the illness caries to the patients in my surgery, but to as many people as possible. Because almost all people know how caries develops but almost no one knows why it does. Many people have already had the experience that drilling teeth usually causes pain, but why? And from which caries depth does it start to hurt? Are there sizes of hole that don’t hurt? Can you really work with the sand blaster without pain being caused?

Everything you should know about your teeth, caries and root canal treatment to be downloaded HERE!

In this presentation the following themes are covered:

  • What is the structure of a tooth?
  • What is caries?
  • Bacteria and plaque
  • Nutrition?
  • How does caries develop?
  • Eating habits and caries
  • Caries makes "life difficult"
  • Interstitial tooth caries?
  • Caries dispersion into the interstitial tooth space
  • Pit – fissure caries?
  • Large caries develops out of the fissure caries!
  • Filling the large caries
  • Pit – fissure caries previous therapy
  • Pit – fissure caries microscopic therapy
  • A filling develops caries again
  • The careis reaches the nerve
  • The nerve is opened:...the opened spot is small
  • The nerve is opened:...the opened spot is large – root canal treatment!
  • A piece breaks off the tooth
  • Crowns
  • Crowns and pins
  • The root breaks - extraction
  • End station – Implant