Required in the USA

The microscope has already been used in the USA for some years for root canal treatment and is required for the university training to Specialist for endodontology (root canal treatment).

Enormous quality and durability increases

Dental work that has been carried out with 3 to 5 times magnification has an enormous quality and durability increase in comparison to when no magnification is used.

The ocular through which the dentist looks during the treatment

As dentistry is confronted on one side with small teeth and on the otherside works with extremely delicate materials, up to 20 times magnification is always advantageous.

For patients there is the advantage of fillings with longer durability.

For the dentists the work that they indirectly do through the microscope and usually with a mirror is very difficult and it requires lot of practice until fillings can be inserted professionally under the microscope.

An enormous progress for patients

Nonetheless there is no doubt in my mind regarding the practice of this form of dentistry, as better vision, higher quality and longer durability of dental restorations means enormous progress for patients.


The stand microscope