Hands On course in my practice

The participants will be fully integrated into the surgery activity in my practice for a full day. As I carry out all my dental activities under the microscope, you can experience everything live under the microscope from caries removal to insertion of fillings, from trepanation of a tooth up to root canal treatment, from grinding up to insertion of technical work and even tartar removal. You receive a list of the most established instruments in microscope dentistry and can ask me questions the whole day long.

Participant fee:

One course participant: 1000€
Two course participant: 1600€
Three course participant: 2100€
Max. four course participants: 2400€

From 2400€ upwards, the participants can bring their own patients with them and treat and thereby practice and work themselves on the patients.

Lecture Rust Dentist Congress

When: 25.9.2004
Where: 25th Austrian Dentist Congress International in Rust
Theme: The microscope in dentistry

Kinetic cavities – preparation
Hands On course and theoretical overview of kinetic cavity – preparation

Course Sand Blaster Medos Austria Herdlicka

When: 21.11.2003
Where: In my surgery
Theme: Air Abrasions – Technology in the dental practice
Live preparation