Youth Dentistry

Fissure sealing – without the sound of the drill and without pain

Youth dentistry begins from the age of six. The first permanent teeth break through at the age of six. From the age of eight one can begin to seal the permanent teeth and thereby avoid caries emerging on the chewing surface by carrying out fissure sealing. The advantage of the treatment is not only that one can remove the emerging caries with maximum protection of the tooth substance using the sand blaster one can even keep the teeth free of caries for a longer time without drilling noise and without pain. Youth dentistry is therefore the first step towards a “caries-free” bite. Thanks to the fissure sealing there is no further caries forecast for many years on the chewing surface.


With the help of the der Eye-Treck Glasses, I can even make a dentist visit interesting or “tasty” for young people.