Tkatzyk, Pharmacist

After numerous negative experiences with dentists I started searching in the internet as recommendations from acquaintances hadn’t helped me. Because I am a somewhat difficult case, I was looking for an especially exact, patient doctor and I really felt addressed by Dr. Kotschy´s homepage. The following treatment fulfilled all my expectations and I feel that I’m really taken seriously and in good hands by Dr. Kotschy.

Dr. Conrad Pramböck, Head of Compensation Consulting Europe

From my dentist I expect competent consulting and pain free treatment. From Klaus Kotschy I received much more than that: an exact look at my teeth, the finest technique and last, but not least, punctual and friendly treatment.

Dr. Angelika Königswieser, Doctor

A guarantee of healthy teeth for the longest possible length of time is an absolute given with the use of microscope dentistry. As a patient it is fully logical for me that the smallest caries can only be recognised with the microscope and that I should let these be treated as fast as possible with a small filling!

Dr. Heimo Königswieser, Specialist for Neurosurgery

In neurosurgery I am confronted daily with microsurgical OP techniques and clearly see myself the difference between macro and micro surgical work. The use of the OP microscope is as natural as washing the hands and I can therefore not imagine surgery without it. One should use the possibilities that present themselves!

Dr. Brunner, Lawyer

What I expect from a dentist and what I therefore like so much about your practice:

  • quickly available appointments
  • no waiting times, good time management
  • technical equipment of the surgery
  • the patient is exactly informed about what is necessary and how it will be dealt with
  • Consideration of the wishes and needs of the patients