Microscope dentist and why microscopic dental treatment?

A watch maker would never dream of repairing your watch without a loupe!

If the microscope has also been available for the use of dentist for many years, then I ask myself:

  • What reasons are there not to use it?
  • Why should I, as a microscope dentist, not use 20 times magnification to carry out my work more exactly?
  • Why should I not work in such a way that the fillings exhibit longer durability?
  • Why shouldn’t I give a guarantee of 10 years on my fillings?
  • Why should own teeth not be treated in such a way that they stay in the mouth for a lifetime?
  • Why shouldn’t I provide treatment in such a way that especially children are spared pain during the treatment, through my making sure that they get absolutely no large “holes”?

Here you can see a molar in 15 times magnification with 4 cleaned root canals and underneath the same tooth without magnification help as one would see it with the naked eye:

Molar in 15 times magnification

Wurzelkanalbehandlung Kanaleingänge ohne dem Mikroskop
Tooth without magnification help as it would be seen with the naked eye

In your past visits to the dentist have you ever had

  • a two hour initial consultation talk about your teeth and their problems?
  • The possibility of watching your teeth live, in 20 times magnification?
  • Dental treatment under the microscope with up to 20 times magnification?
  • The possibility of experiencing your dental treatment live, looking back at, photos of your treatment or watching a DVD film from a collection of more than 300 films during the treatment by using a pair of Eye-Trek glasses?

"Invest 250 € (incl. VAT) in a two hour initial consultation and you’ll know what I am talking about!"