Education – Advanced Trainings

Here’s a brief description of some of my most important advanced training courses. (Because of a lack of space, most of the courses are only mentioned by name)

root canal treatment and revision are my special fields. And it is all because one can essentially see the canal entrance of a root better with the microscope than without magnification aids.



Endo Revision – quite simple / Salzburg

As you can see from my homepage,


Periodontics Workshop / St. Wolfgang

Cerec 3D CAD/CAM-Methode / Pörtschach am Wörthersee

Plastics must be stored dry, well hardened with light and it must be removed with the utmost of care, because otherwise caries forms again underneath. . In comparison to amalgam, plastic doesn’t actively kill the bacteria. If you “overlook” a little caries under amalgam, then often no growing caries results, however if one “overlooks”the same amount of caries under a plastic filling or a ceramic inlay, then this usually results in a large caries. The same goes for liquids, like saliva, when laying fillings. Under amalgam it does no damage, under plastic large caries emerges again.

Adhesive sticking techniques in restorative dentistry / Vienna


For this reason it is very important to be acquainted with the characteristics of plastic as a dentist.

endodontology (root canal treatment), are enormous. There are, as you may already have heard, constantly new instruments and approaches regarding how one can or should do root canal treatment.

2. Austrian Endodontology Conference of the ÖGZMK / Salzburg

The medical advances, especially in

The aim of the root canal treatment is both important and at the same time extremely difficult: To find all (often up to four!) root canals of a tooth, to prepare and densly fill them and all that without complications if possible.


Practice management / Vienna

20 years oral surgery / Vienna

Emergencies in dental practices / Vienna

plastics without the teeth needing to be ground back.

Dent Art Congress 2003 / Vienna

Therapy of infections in dentistry / Vienna

Emergencies in dental practices / Vienna


Live OP course - Implantology practice oriented/ Graz

Distraction versus augmentation / Vienna

ITI Dental Implant System-Entry course / Vienna

ITI Dental Implant System / St. Pölten

Surgical anatomical practice course on fresh human bones / Vienna

Current Implantology – The sinus bed elevations / Bern

11th Periodontics Workshop / St. Wolfgang

3I Live OP Course / Vienna

Aesthetic front teeth restoration with composites / Vienna

Surgery /Prosthetics course for beginners / Tegernsee

FDI Annual World Dental Congress / Vienna


Basic principles of aesthetics and their realisation with composites / Wurzburg

In this course is was taught how teeth that have unaesthetic fillings, an unphysiological shape or an unnatural colour, can get a natural look again with the help of

Live OP course - Implantology practice oriented / Graz

Endodontics / Salzburg

OP surgery course / Munich

Periodontics Symposium Soft Tissue -Management and implants and teeth / Zurich


1st Oral surgery intensive course in theory and practice / Kitzbühl

Laser safety for low-level lasers / Mariazell

10th Periodontics Workshop / St. Wolfgang

Rotary Instruments Workshop / Ballaigues

Periodontics and general illness –A risk for the patients? / Zürich

Opening day of the department for periodontics and prophylaxis / Vienna

Aesthetic Dentistry / Vienna

1st Full Ceramic Symposium / Innsbruck


The empty alveole / Vienna

A new Approach to diagnostic treatment planning and occlusal adjustement / Wien

concrement must be removed and then the natural healing process starts on its own. Also in Endodontology (root canal treatment) the laser is only a method to improve the root canal treatment in Vienna. There are hardly any studies into this internationally.

Effective mechanisms of the soft-laser / Vienna

This was a very promising course however laser, unfortunately, not have the expected success that it has always been rumoured to have. The laser helps the body shorten the healing process, but that only has marginal advantages in dentistry.

In periodontics, lasers show no advantages worth naming based on international scientific research, as in every case the

In the treatment of caries lasers have the advantage that a dentist can carry out the treatment without pain. It causes excessively large "explosions", so that it is completely unsuitable for microscope dentistry.

Fundamentals of dental hypnosis and communication / Vienna Introduction to dental hypnosis / Vienna Application of dental hypnosis / Vienna

Psycho diagnostics and application of dental hypnosis / Vienna

PRP Symposium own blood or protein / Vienna Application of dental hypnosis / Vienna


Symposium on prefabrication and prelamination in free flap reconstruction / Vienna

Possibilities and perspectives of tissue regeneration in periodontics / Vienna


7th periodontics workshop / St. Wolfgang


6th periodontics workshop / St. Wolfgang

The alternative to free mucous membrane transplants – Slideshow and practical training / Munich

The difficult maxilla / AKH Vienna