Fissure sealing

Fissure sealing under the microscope is a preventative action in order to avoid getting caries on the chewing surface for a long time or to stop the smallest of caries the beginning phase.

A preventative action, in order to stop the smallest of caries

A fissure is a "deep chasm or pit" on the chewing surface of a tooth, that can vary in depth from patient to patient. No toothbrush can get into this pit, as the "chasm" is too narrow and deep. For this reason a lot of residual food and bacteria remain in the fissures from the time the teeth break though (which for permenant teeth is from the ages of six to eleven). If we don’t seal these “chasms”, then the chance is very high that these bacteria will, sooner or later (depending on nutrition and genetic predisposition) cause caries.

If chasm fissures are not sealed then caries is the outcome


What can be seen here is the fissure described above with bacteria and residual food.


In my surgery, the the chasm on the chewing surface is opened with the help of the microscope and the sand blaster and after complete removal of all caries...


... it is filled with plastic.