Caries removal

It is possible for the first time, with the help of the microscope, to remove caries with the utmost of care. Only under these conditions is it worthwhile preparing work like fillings, inlays or crowns under the microscope. This, in combination with good oral hygiene, leads to fillings, inlays or crowns having a durability of 10 to 40 years.

Fillings, inlays or crowns with a durability of 10 to 40 years

Becasuse of this, I give a 10 year guarantee on the durability of fillings, inlays and crowns which had the caries removal carried out under the microscope and which were inserted under the microscope.


In the photo you can see a tooth with 20 times magnification. After being coloured with a caries detector the caries fissure in the enamel is shown in red. Had I used neither the microscope nor a caries detector, the fissure would not have been able to be seen!