Aesthetic – Aesthetic dentistry

My work should not be distinguishable from your teeth

On one side that is what aesthetic dentistry means for me – that my work is unable to be distinguished from your teeth. The most important criteria for this are the requirements of the patients.

&Aesthetic dentistry is something I see as being a special field of dentistry, as I try everyday to achieve perfect aesthetic in the mouths of the patients regardless of whether it is a filling, crown, veneer or bleaching.

Caries diagnostics in a very early stage

On the other side I see aesthetic dentistry also as caries diagnostics in a very early stage, the earlier caries is recognised, the smaller the filling needs to be and therefore the more sure that the colour of the filling matches the natural tooth.


Caries was removed from the right frontal tooth. The left tooth still has an old plastic filling


The right tooth after the filling, the left tooth still has an old filling!