Root canal treatment - Endodontology

In the USA with the aid of the microscope

The idea to use the microscope in dentistry comes from the field of endodontology. In the USA specialists for endodontology work exclusively with the aid of the microscope. As I myself always work with the microscope on teeth, endodontology is one of the special fields of my surgery.

Root canal treatments can almost always be avoided

As root canal treatments are associated with some treatment risks, like the breaking of the root canal instrument, drilling through a tooth, over filling the root and many more, the motto should be: ""Better to treat the teeth carefully beforehand so that a root canal treatment never is necessary!" By timely, exact removal of caries or pulp capping root canal treatments can be almost always avoided.

Molar with 15 times magnification

Wurzelkanalbehandlung Kanaleingänge ohne dem Mikroskop
Tooth without magnification aids

Here you can see a molar magnified 15 times with 4 cleaned root canals and underneath it the same tooth without magnification aid, as it would be seen with the naked eye. Now you know why also using a microscope for root canal treatment has such enormous advantages.