Oral hygiene-prophylaxsis professional

Everyone cleans their teeth, however only few explain how you should clean them correctly. For this reason my prophylaxsis assistent places a lot of value on showing you how and with what your teeth should be cleaned.

With the microscope

The professional oral hygiene or prophylaxsis is also carried out under the microscope in my practice for two reasons.

1. Studies have shown that professional prophylaxsis, without magnification aids can leave up to 40% residual tartar around your teeth.

2. It is possible for the first time, to show you how good your oral hygiene really is with the help of the Eye-Treck Glasses. Have you ever seen how much plaque can be hidden behind e.g. your last tooth?


Teeth with 4 times magnification, after being coloured with a plaque colouring agent. All the violet deposits around the teeth are bacteria that haven’t been removed by brushing the teeth for a long time.


Teeth in the prophylaxsis session after the colouring with 10 times magnification.

In an "Oral hygiene or prophylaxsis initial consultation" the different cleaning techniques (manually operated tooth brushes or electric toothbrushes) are explained to you by my prophylaxesis assistent. Following this, your tartar is made visible with a colouring agent and you can see live - using the Eye-Trek Glasses or afterwards on the monitor – where and how much tartar has accumulated around your teeth. This is subsequently followed by us helping you with the practical use of your toothbrush, because: you can implement only what you have seen in practice and learnt. Naturally dental floss and interstice tooth brushes are also explained.

Of course, tartar and plaque will be gently and completely removed.