Inlay, crowns, bridges, veneers

The removal of caries and the insertion of fillings under the microscope lead to clear increases in the durability of fillings.

Microscope leads to a clear increase in the durability

The creation and the insertion of a technical work (inlay, crown, bridge, veneer) is a very elaborate process. For the creation of an inlay, a crown etc., many work steps, and a technician as well, are needed. My technician also works with the microscope in order to ensure the highest precision possible in his technical work!

Crowns at the dentist, the "traditional" crown

How the "traditional" crown receives never before achieved precision at the dentist with the aid of the microscope!"

Plastic inlay-crown-bridge-strengthed with fibreglass

Plastic inlay-crown-bridge-strengthened with fibreglass achieve a durability and quality with the aid of the microscope that is second to no other material!

Gold-inlay, Gold-crown

Gold-inlay, gold-crowns have never before been possible with such exactness! And all with the aid of the microscope!


Veneers are sometimes the compromise for aesthetic reasons. But for a few exceptions, plastic fillings are however a good alternative.

055 Gold-Inlay Mikroskop-Vergrösserung Präzision