Bleaching – Teeth brightening

Bleaching is a method to brighten teeth. With this it is possible for the first time for patients to decide the colour of their teeth themselves. It is suitable for youth who want to make their teeth whiter – closer to the aesthetical ideal, as well as for older people whose teeth have strongly changed their colour over the course of the years.

Under direction of the dentist

The tooth brightening can be done at home or in the dentist’s practice, however it should take place under direction of the dentist. As far as is scientifically known, the treatment doesn’t cause any electron microscopic damage to teeth or fillings. There can however be oversensitivity during or after the bleaching of the teeth. But also there are remedies which are generally effective to counteract this side effect. There is no guarantee that this treatment alone will result in the desired result, as some patients speak positively about bleaching and others less so. Should the bleaching not be sufficient, then either a ceramic veneer of plastic filling can be stuck to the outer surface of the teeth.


Before: Colour key as comparison


After: As you can see, the bleached teeth are bright than before the treatment. The colour key serves as the comparison
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It is also possible to brighten individually root canal treated teeth, das these are often darker that the rest because they have already died. For this it is very important to carry out a good root canal treatment with the removal of all bacteria.