Shells made out of ceramic

Veneers are "shells" made out of ceramic, wich are stuck to the outside of teeth. However, so that the shape of the tooth doesn’t change healthy tooth substance must first be "sacrificed", i.e.: ground off, in order to be able to stick this shell on. However, the aesthetic results are promising (Photo 1 before and photo 2 after the aesthetic correction with ceramic veneers)


(Before the aesthetic correction with ceramic veneers)


After the aesthetic correction with ceramic veneers
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The alternative to the veneer – the plastic filling

If you want to keep your teeth for a lifetime, then you should try to protect as much tooth substance as possible. These days, for many cases there is an alternative to veneers: plastic fillings. With these fillings none or much less tooth substance needs to be sacrificed; in this process plastic is applied directly onto the tooth, which also guarantees very good aesthetic results in most cases.